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Non-Refundable Deposits are now required on incoming orders of Clouds, Rovings, Batts, Felt and Yarn. Please see "Services" page for deposit amounts.

‚ÄčThank you for checking in in with us, but at this time ,we are not accepting any orders

After 30 days orders not paid for and remain on our shelves will be assessed a monthly 10% holding and warehousing charge on the invoice total. Snow Peak Fiber Mill is not responsible for order condition for orders not picked up within 30 days.  Orders not paid for within 90 days become the property of Snow Peak Fiber Mill and Yarn Shop and will be sold to recover our processing costs.

Terms: Payment in full (including shipping if applicable) is required within 5 days of order completion even if you are unable to pick up your order within 5 days.  Orders paid for -but not picked up- within 30 days of your completed order with be subject to a monthly 5% warehousing charge calculated on invoice total.

Customers who cancel orders may incur cancellation charges, fees and labor charges.  They will also be required to pay fees and charges associated with special ordered supplies and material.

Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, & PayPal accepted

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