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Q - Can you process alpaca without adding any wool?
A - It is difficult to answer this questions with a "yes" or a "no". However, we find that very fine alpaca fibers (and other fine fibers) do not do well in our machinery without the addition of some wool. We are happy to look at your alpaca fleece and give you an idea as to whether we can process it.

Q - Can you dye my fiber?

A - We are unable to dye fiber at this time.  However; we are happy to process your already dyed fiber.

Q - What is your turnaround time?
A - We strive to return your completed order within three months. There are a couple of ways you can help us meet or exceed this goal. Most important is to have your fleece well skirted. Often, a well skirted fleece will get slotted into the schedule ahead of fleece that has a lot of vegetable matter. We also welcome appointments. If you know you will be shearing on a certain date or picking up a fleece from a show give us some advance notice. We are happy to pencil your name into the schedule. It helps us with our staffing and scheduling needs and you will get your yarn back sooner.


Q - Will I get my own fiber back?

- Absolutely! We are happy to process each fleece separately so you can know exactly which animal provided you with the wool that was turned into yarn. Or we can combine several of your fleeces to create a larger lot size. In any case we will never add wool from another source unless specifically requested