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                                       Wouldn't it be fun (and profitable) to create your own signature blend of yarn?

Blending is such a great way to get your creative juices flowing and end up with a superior product at the same time. We can blend different colors and fibers together to create an exciting new look.

Remember, it is our goal to work in partnership with you to create a product you can be proud to sell, give away or use. We keep a stock of fibers, both natural and synthetic, to use for blending. We also have access to many more.

There are basically four reasons to blend fibers:

      (1)  We blend to produce different tonal effects, either natural or dyed, by blending in various proportions. The outcome depends upon where in the process we choose to start blending. If we start early in the process we can create a new shade that is consistent throughout. If we start blending later we can create a tweedy effect, or we can create subtle color changes, or we can ply two or three different colors together at the end of the process to create a barberpole look. The possibilities are endless!

     (2)  We blend to produce various textural effects by blending different fiber types. For example, blend wool and silk, wool and alpaca, or wool, silk and bamboo. Ply together a thick and a thin yarn. A nice sock yarn can be created by adding nylon to wool giving added strength.

     (3)  We blend to increase the bulk of some expensive fiber while still getting the advantage of its character. For example, blend an expensive silk with a less expensive wool. You will be able to appreciate the strength and luster of the silk without the expense.

     (4)  Perhaps most important, we blend because it is fun! Here are a few suggestions:

•For a soft and luxurious yarn blend 65% alpaca, 10% silk and 25% fine wool such as merino. •Create designer style yarns by blending bamboo with natural or dyed wool. The bamboo adds both softness and a sheen to the yarn. Plus, it creates a nice drape. •Add tencel, a natural fiber made from the cellulose found in trees, to wool for added luster. •Combine the softness of a fine wool with the luxury of silk in an 80/20 blend. You'll knit up sweaters or scarves that are enhanced by the sheen of the silk. •Add fine wool to alpaca or llama to give the yarn more memory. You don't want to spend hours knitting or crocheting that favorite sweater only to have it sag. Alpaca or llama can also be very heavy and often too warm. Adding wool makes a garment that is more comfortable. •Add Firestar for a bit of flair. It will make your yarn glimmer and shine! •Add nylon to your wool to give your yarn added strength - perfect for socks. •Twist or ply two or three contrasting colors together for a barber pole look. This works well with natural or dyed yarn. Instead of contrasting colors you can choose different shades of the same color.

Are you ready to start exploring? We always have a variety of fibers on hand, from wool and alpaca to nylon and tencel and more to give your yarn just a little something extra (or you are welcome to provide your own). We don't charge for blending when the blending fibers are purchased from Snow Peak Fiber Mill & Yarn Shop. Give us a call or send an email.