1260 W Airway Rd., Lebanon, OR 97355



meet the team

Our Team

Kathy Thompson - Owner

Dave Thompson -  Equipment Manager

We also have 3 employees:

A dedicated fiber washer

A dedicated carder operator

A dedicated pin drafter


Mission, Goals, & Objectives


​* Excellent customer service in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

* Proactive in reducing expenses,increasing productivity, and maintaining a safe work environment.

* Unique and quality custom products that delight our customers. 

Who We Are


Snow Peak Fiber Mill & Yarn Shop, LLC is a textile manufacturing facility that processes wools, mohair-wool blends, and fibers from customer owned material into a variety of products for our customers to sale.  We also produce a small amount of products from our own supply of wool and fibers to sell in our retail location, on-line and at industry shows.